CFA Piling

The Technique

We have championed this quick and effective method of bored piling since it was first introduced to the UK market by our predecessors. The CFA technique is ideal for environmentally sensitive projects, such as constructions in urban areas, as it is virtually vibration free and one of the quietest forms of piling.

The technique was developed as a viable alternative to traditional rotary piling for longer piles, especially in unstable ground conditions. CFA piles are quick to install and offer an efficient, rapid solution in most strata, from gravel and clays, to sands, silts and soft rocks and in mixtures of strata.

In the past, CFA was predominantly used for more lightly loaded structures. However, thanks to the latest technological advancements, our modern fleet of powerful rigs now allows for pile diameters up to 1200mm to be installed, with depths in excess of 30m.

CFA Foundation Piling Technique

The Process

Each pile is formed by screwing a continuous auger into the ground to the required depth. Concrete is then pressure-pumped down to the bottom of the bore and the auger is progressively withdrawn bringing the soils up to the surface. When the removal process is complete, the specially designed reinforcement is placed in the concrete pile. Using the most advanced instrumentation, the entire process is monitored by our team to ensure the operation runs smoothly.

Driven Steel Tube
Cased CFA