Rotary Piling

The Technique

Rotary Bored Piles can be used to support any structure where the highest load carrying capacity is required. This technique offers larger diameter piles than any other piling method and is used in pile construction through particularly stiff or hard strata. We have the capabilities to produce piles up to 2800mm in diameter and using a range of specialist methods, pile lengths of up to 70m can be achieved.

The construction methods are determined by the geology of the site – whether the boring will be in ‘dry’ or ‘wet’, but stable, ground conditions, or through using either bentonite or polymer support fluids in unstable ground conditions. Rotary bored piles are constructed using self-erecting hydraulic rigs. Our impressive range of rigs is capable of meeting the demands of even the largest project.

foundation piling

The Process

Our specialist drilling tools are used to excavate the soils to create an open hole to the required depth. In unstable ground conditions, such as within made ground and in granular layers, the steel casing can be lengthened to provide temporary support for the bore. This casing is either screwed in using the rig or vibrated into place. A reinforcing cage is then installed into the open bore and before concrete is placed in via a tremmie pipe.

Cased CFA
Retaining Walls